All Service Propane FAQ

No one makes propane; it is a byproduct of gasoline and natural gas production. Because more gasoline is used in the summer there is an excess supply of propane and there is limited storage available, causing the price to decrease. In the winter, production drops off and the demand for propane increases significantly causing propane to be imported adding shipping costs to an already increased price. We recommend everyone fill their tanks in August or September as this is generally the lowest price. We try to top-off our routed customers at this time as well.
Please contact us at any time for our current price. Propane prices vary frequently, sometimes daily. We try to absorb minor changes, but prices will change often in the winter.
Our highest price in 2017 was $2.89/gallon.
Any time propane is sold at a discount, someone has to pay more to account for the loss. We prefer to offer low prices to our existing customers that have supported us over the years.
As with first fill specials, rather than charge “regular” customers more to make up for discounts, we prefer to offer all customers our lowest possible pricing.
All bills are due within 10 days. We understand this can be difficult and have balanced payment plans available. You can always credit smaller amounts to your account to make that winter fill a little less painful.
We deliver to most areas in Shasta, Tehama and Glen Counties within 15 miles of I-5 and Highway 44. So Redding, Anderson, Cottonwood, Palo Cedro, Millville, Bella Vista, Shingletown, Happy Valley, Red Bluff, Dairyville, Los Molinos, Gerber, Corning, Orland, Artois, Willows. We’re always adding new areas, so please check with us!
We deliver to most areas weekly. We do not have specific days for areas, rather we evaluate our customers’ needs daily and prioritize where we send our trucks.
We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Additionally, most banks provide an online bill pay service.
If you are changing to All Service Propane, we will waive charges to set your new tank and transfer fuel from your old tank to the new one and perform a safety and leak check. If you are purchasing a tank from us, we will waive the same charges if you fill the new tank with us.
Unfortunately, we cannot legally transport a tank with fuel in it. The Service Technician will provide enough fuel to last until a delivery can be made. Generally, you will receive your first delivery within a few days of your tank set appointment.
We have three options: 1) Routed where we track your usage and automatically deliver to you when needed. In the unlikely event you run out of propane, we will correct the condition within hours at no additional charge. 2) Will Call. This means that you call us when you need a delivery. You are responsible providing sufficient time for us to deliver to you and are also responsible for any out-of-gas charges. 3) Monitored Service. For a small annual charge, we will provide remote monitoring of your propane tank. You have internet access to review your current and historical levels and usage. With this option, we guarantee you’ll never run out of propane and if you do, the next fill is on us!
As a small family-owned company, we cannot give away items and we would prefer not to charge higher prices for our propane. We charge a minimal fee one-time to provide a regulator in the event you do not already own your regulator. If you decide to change providers or purchase a tank, the regulator is yours to continue using.
Our office is open Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and we’re happy to have you visit us. As a small company, we occasionally close for lunch; so call first if you plan to visit then.